Burning Wood

‘What have you been up to today?’ my friend asked. ‘A craft workshop.’ He rolled his eyes. Craft has an unfair (although shifting) reputation as being old fashioned and irrelevant, more WI than people of the world. ‘We burned wood and drank wine.’ Now he was more interested. Pyrography literally means fire writing, and isContinue reading “Burning Wood”

Upholstery for a Good Life

If you’re anything like me, you often see worn pieces of furniture in the charity shop or loved but lagging items in your grandparents’ homes and think ‘Oooh, I could do something with that, make that really nice,’ your little eyes filled with images of a cottage industry creating your own perfect retreat – andContinue reading “Upholstery for a Good Life”

So sew

There’s something incredibly gratifying about sewing, knitting, cross stitch, dressmaking, and the like. The tactile nature of using your hands when so much of our lives exist in the digital world. The delight in letting you imagination reign as your play with creativity. The satisfaction of following a pattern with care and precision. Spending hoursContinue reading “So sew”

Crafternoon Cabaret Club

So it’s 2.34pm on a Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting sewing, when a garrulous lady in a glitzy silver gown bursts through the basement door, quaffing champagne and exclaiming wildly about her debaucherous night out. I nearly prick my finger, but a sip on my frosted glass brings me back to the room, and sort of reality. ThisContinue reading “Crafternoon Cabaret Club”

Getting crafty with Homemade London

As adults we often neglect creativity in our lives, instead focusing upon the efficient and effective achievement of a useful goal. To play, to create, to make, to be frivolous just for the sake of it – surely that’s kids’ stuff. Well no. studies have proven that the benefits of creativity include stress reduction, positiveContinue reading “Getting crafty with Homemade London”