Candy Says – Favourite Flavour

Is it pop, indie, folk, disco…or just downright brilliant? The sweet and seductive music of new Cool For Cats signings Candy Says oozes pheromones, its hazy beats pummeling along, wielding casual wonder. Lo-fi, utterly chic, and hopefully and hopelessly romantic, they are a bit of a bright light on the dance floor. Their first single Favourite Flavour isContinue reading “Candy Says – Favourite Flavour”

Oh So Quiet – Oh So Quiet EP

Released on Cool For Cats Records on April 29th From the opening gentle picking pattern on Rain At Night and the first time we are introduced to the warm wholesome vocals of Malena, through to the final lulls of Si Quedamos the debut EP from Oh So Quiet is one uses strings and strums to their full effect, being soothingContinue reading “Oh So Quiet – Oh So Quiet EP”