The Rock and Roll Circus – A Collection of Calamity Vol 3

The Rock and Roll Circus, the crazily psychedelic recording studio in Leeds famed for its creative juice inducing decor has released its third compilation, the aptly named A Collection of Calamity Volume 3, a collection of tracks recorded his year in the hallucinogenic walls. From the sneeringly Stooge-eqsue Midnight by British Racing Green and CrrreepContinue reading “The Rock and Roll Circus – A Collection of Calamity Vol 3”

Tip Toe Records

Francesca Baker It’s hard to review a label compilation. Think of all the blood sweat and tears than goes into producing a song, then multiply this over tens of different bands. I feel pretty guilty that we can only offer a whistle stop tour, as with such low press numbers it will be pretty toughContinue reading “Tip Toe Records”