Andy Hamilton’s Change Management

Born in 1954, Andy Hamilton has seen a number of changes throughout his life. As have his audience, as the number of raised hands shows when he does it a quick poll as to how many others were born in the fifties, and again to ascertain the number of Radio 4 listeners in the room.Continue reading “Andy Hamilton’s Change Management”

A night of giggling at The Good Ship

I like laughing. I also like Edinburgh. Yet I have never actually made it to the festival of fun and creativity that takes place in the fine Scottish city every August. Luckily enough, although I am sure it doesn’t quite compare, London is awash with comics rehearsing their stuff before they unleash it on thoseContinue reading “A night of giggling at The Good Ship”

My Stories, Your Emails

So I wasn’t expecting to see a minge. Oh yeah, spoiler alert there. In fact, I hadn’t read the blurb. Keen to investigate the Wellington Arts Scene and aware that the New Zealand capital’s annual festival was on, I signed up for tickets for the first thing that sounded as though it might be aboutContinue reading “My Stories, Your Emails”