Live at the Marlowe

The Marlowe Theatre’s regular showcase of creative comedy acts Live At The Marlowe sees big names and up and coming comics gather together on the stage of the Canterbury theatre. The final gig of 2018 saw Sara Pascoe, Jamali Maddix, The Pin, Sara Barron and Suzi Ruffell on top form and full of witty banter.Continue reading “Live at the Marlowe”


For some reason, despite the fact that we’re all glued to our phones and screens like an extra limb, and that we communicate with everyone else important in our lives through technology, the idea of meeting a partner online is still slightly taboo. Alyssa Salter of all female theatre company New Match Collective realised howContinue reading “Swipe”

The Guilty Feminist recording

I’d like to think that all women want to be treated equally to men. But then what comes with this can be the fear of losing any of those things we enjoy as females – the right to wear make-up, enjoying a flirty text, going to the gym, wearing pretty clothes, having a white wine spritzerContinue reading “The Guilty Feminist recording”

Changing Minds Festival 

Bringing the topic of mental health out of the medical setting into the mundane reality is an important and laudable endeavour – particularly when it comes to the arts. I fear that some of the less knowledgable, or less open minded, might see any link as implying that severe illnesses can be ‘cured’ by aContinue reading “Changing Minds Festival “