The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree – Ashoka Sen

The sensual image of The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree is an apt one for this collection of eighteen short stories. Simultaneously warm and severe, wintery yet growing, simple whilst highly stimulating. Ashoka Sen aims to articulate the difficulties and battles that spring from the fertile space where Indian and British cultures meet in her variedContinue reading “The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree – Ashoka Sen”

Arty places to rest your head

A few months ago, when visiting the cool little capital of Wellington, New Zealand I stayed in the beautiful Museum Art Hotel. Filled with beautiful sights and sumptuous surroundings, it was proof that where you sleep is about much more than the bed, but also how a little creativity can really elevate a hotel fromContinue reading “Arty places to rest your head”