Greenwich Book Festival – The Art of Convivial Drinking by Alice Lascelles

It’s one of the busiest talks at Greenwich Book Festival. The El Dorado cocktail which each punter is greeted with as they enter the Queen Mary Court helps, but so does the vivacity and passion with which Alice Lascelles greets such a vivacious and passionate subject – drinking. Reading from her book The Art of ConvivialContinue reading “Greenwich Book Festival – The Art of Convivial Drinking by Alice Lascelles”

Wyndstock – The Country House Party

I love festivals. The feeling of freedom, exploration, an opportunity to revel in the luxury of being oneself, as well discover and diversify what excites you. I also love picnics, country houses, gin & tonics, and twilight magic. Until recently (I.e April when I received a press release alerting me to the change in affairs) IContinue reading “Wyndstock – The Country House Party”