Creating A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Clapham

Theatre is a living and breathing medium, language a lively form, and Shakespeare a playwright for all times. Yet too often it can be stifling, rigid, and uniform as it follows rules and plays at being ‘proper.’ But when it comes to seeing an art form you know well, it’s not enough just to haveContinue reading “Creating A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Clapham”

So, This is What Happened…: Stories of the everyday

First published on State of the Arts There are numerous speaking events these days, where famous and high profile people tell of their adventures and exploits. But even lowly individuals have stories to tell. So, This is What Happened offers an opportunity for all of us to tell those tales, and the audience to appreciateContinue reading “So, This is What Happened…: Stories of the everyday”