Cheatahs – Mythologies

Not only did Roland Barthes’ essay influence the name of Cheatahs‘ new album, but the feel – present through the veneer of distorted guitar and hazy vocals is a sense of shifting meanings and unclear symbolism. Only their debut full length, the record oozes assurance. The driving rhythms and frantic drumming of their punkier earlyContinue reading “Cheatahs – Mythologies”

Cheatahs – Sunne EP

Sunne,the new EP from Cheatahs,¬†is quite a triumph. Four tracks of exquisite craft, stitched intuitively¬†together like the glow of twilight. There’s a blissed out feeling to proceedings, a hazy ambience that nonetheless chugs along with fever and tenacity. Thick clouds of fuzzing guitars are the cloth onto which soaring melodies are sewn, the whirrs ofContinue reading “Cheatahs – Sunne EP”