Jakub Tencl – The Mystery Of Life

Jakub Tencl is a clinical hypnotherapist and healer, and his new book The Mystery of Life is his story of how he came to realise his own spiritual journey. He explains ‘The Mystery of Life is a picture of everything that happened in my life to help me find this method of self-acceptance.’ This isContinue reading “Jakub Tencl – The Mystery Of Life”

Happyologist Susanna Halonen on ‘finding’ your passion

Everyone is seeking an answer. Looking around for that clue as to what to with our lives and how this will make us happy. But ‘Happyologist’ Susanna Halonen, like many others, wants to remind us that happiness is not to be found outside but within us – it’s just a case of unlocking it. ScrewContinue reading “Happyologist Susanna Halonen on ‘finding’ your passion”

Kickstarter – Recipes for Recovery

Recipes for Recovery I’m producing a small recipe book to raise money for BEAT, the UK’s leading charity for support for recovery from eating disorders. Conversations and experiences with therapists, professionals and those suffering and recovering from the illnesses, have taught me that learning to love and connect with food again is a huge stepContinue reading “Kickstarter – Recipes for Recovery”

LIFT – where the city meets the stage

One city, 30 productions, 13 countries, 15 venues, 30 days, and a million emotions, passions, voices and subjects, LIFT festival is back in London for its 20th anniversary. Combining poetry, performances, acting, immersion and experiences that cover the sometimes surprising, shocking, variegated and vast nature of this amazing world in which we live, the festivalContinue reading “LIFT – where the city meets the stage”