Till Deaf Do Us Party Records present A Compilation in aid of CALM Part II

Proving that not all charity complications require Bono to be involved, Till Deaf Do Us Party Records present A Compilation in aid of CALM Part II. Following up from last year’s album, this twenty track compliation features The Xcerts, Night Owls, Tellison, Lonely The Brave and Allusondrugs. It continues to shock me that suicide isContinue reading “Till Deaf Do Us Party Records present A Compilation in aid of CALM Part II”

5 Mindfulness Apps to Help You Stay Centred

Approved by the NHS and even trialled in Parliament, mindfulness is everywhere lately. The buzz around it makes it seem like a revolutionary new concept. Based on ancient Eastern meditation practices, mindfulness simply refers to the ageless idea of being fully aware of the now moment instead of fretting about the past or the future. Sound likeContinue reading “5 Mindfulness Apps to Help You Stay Centred”