Coves – Beating

Beautiful strings and sketchy beats, glitchy synths and soaring wails, soft cooing vocals and powerful assertions, vulnerable verses and acidic cutting choruses, on new song Beating Coves have taken every genre, every sound, every tactic, every noise, thrown them together without depleting the power of the individual but making every single one greater than the someContinue reading “Coves – Beating”

Veronica Falls: ‘We don't even like C86 bands’

If you’ve formed your opinion of the Glaswegian four piece Veronica Falls based upon industry hype and press reviews, this statement seems as shocking as Noel Gallagher claiming he’s not a fan of The Beatles. It’s hard to agree with the dewy vocalist and guitarist Roxanne that ‘We don’t sound anything like those bands…’ whenContinue reading “Veronica Falls: ‘We don't even like C86 bands’”