Architecture, Art Deco and Earthquakes in Napier

Napier in New Zealand is a city shaped by its geology. Lying on one of the world’s most active tectonic fault lines, the north island city was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1931, leaving mid-century town planners wondering how to rebuild their city. The art deco marvel they created still stands today, one ofContinue reading “Architecture, Art Deco and Earthquakes in Napier”

Sustainable building means more attractive and comfortable homes

As a child, come the evening when everyone was back from their respective jobs, schools and social engagements, my father would lock the door of our house and ‘shut the world out’ – a saying that has stayed with me and as a result, those I have lived with, ever since. However by locking theContinue reading “Sustainable building means more attractive and comfortable homes”