Lampland is the music of Brooklyn based Tommy Bazarian, who is about to release his debut album, No Mood. All distorted melodies and broken beats, this is fractured Americana that simmers with beauty.  The colourful arrangements — distorted pianos, Halloween-y synths, and chopped-up drum loops – flicker in their fragments, all linked together by narrative lyrics.Continue reading “Lampland”

Sorcha Richardson – Lost

Dublin born and based in New York, Sorcha Richardson sings songs of life, love and loss. So does everyone else you may well say. But in her simple lyrics of stealing your favourite tipple, summers spent in a cider haze, dancing off heartbreak and more, she stands out with the kind of clear storytelling usually only seen inContinue reading “Sorcha Richardson – Lost”

Cigarettes After Sex – K

Like the languorous haze of the period their name is drawn from Cigarettes After Sex create steady ambient pop that bristles away yearningly. K (a lady called Kristen) is bleary eyed perhaps, but also romantic with potent dance qualities. Led by vocalist and songwriter Greg Gonzalez and his androgynous voice, it’s a tender teaser for aContinue reading “Cigarettes After Sex – K”

Tei Shi – Bassically

Seductively navigating her way through delicate flecks of electro beats, the Columbian born Brooklyn based Valerie Teicher, aka Tei Shi, is a fine creator of chiming synth filled R’n’B. Bassically disintegrates with a rarified cosmic fervour to the point of ecstasy, from its regular timely opening, through a drowned echo bridge, to its tumbling iridescent ending, allContinue reading “Tei Shi – Bassically”

Half Waif

Merging disparate influences comes natural to Half Waif‘s Nandi Rose Plunkett, maybe because of her Indian, Irish, Swiss and American roots, as well as classical training, love of electronic instrumentation, and a natural inclination towards a pop hook. New track ‘Ceremonial’ (streaming) might take a while to enter your system, but once it does, you’llContinue reading “Half Waif”