Pipers – Edge of Nowhere

I don’t often listen to Neapolitan bands, I must admit, either due to a lack of supply or a narrow mind. Pipers, a three piece from the lovely Italian city have been bubbling away in the streets of Naples for a while now, and have developed their sound from electric-tinged indie pop to a moreContinue reading “Pipers – Edge of Nowhere”

Charlie Straight – Coco

An infectious and intense pop tune with a sad tale behind it (discovered courtesy of Infectious), Coco is the new song from Czech band Charlie Straight. The hypnotic and warm vocals are luring and alluring, and the guitar work harmonic without being overwhelming, distinct but not stripped back. It’s not cool. Let’s get that straight.Continue reading “Charlie Straight – Coco”

ScenicLife – a shot in the arm for you

If guitar music is dead, rock’n’roll redundant and music stars fading, what are ScenicLife doing here? Ready with that ‘shot in the arm’ that Jim Chancellor of Fiction records is adamant guitar music needs, the first four tracks from Scenic Life (Lawrence Bray on vocals and rhythm, who shares the songwriting with Daniel Dodson, alsoContinue reading “ScenicLife – a shot in the arm for you”

The Standards – Mice

Released November 7th 2011 on Schnapps House Reviewed by Francesca Baker My initial thought was ‘Oooh, they remind me of Pulp.’ Anyone who knows It’s All Happening, or myself, will aware that this is emphatically. A. Good. Thing. The occasionally venomous lyrics plinky piano and bouncy melodies employed by The Standards are used to anContinue reading “The Standards – Mice”

Girls – Heartbreaker

Melody is pretty Britpop, you almost expect to get Jjohn Power (The La’s and Cast) singing, but then the really deplete vocals (he sounds like he’s singing as though doing an impression of a duck) make it quite different. FB I really like Heartbreaker. Can hear the Britpop thing, the jangly guitars and too loudContinue reading “Girls – Heartbreaker”