Introducing Yard Arms

A Glossary of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts is the refreshingly honest sophomore EP from Bristol-based Transatlantic duo Yard Arms, due for release November 1st. I caight up with them to find out more. Can you give a brief introduction? Who the heck are Yard Arms and why should we care? We are a transatlanticContinue reading “Introducing Yard Arms”

BOA – Steal It

With shimmering effulgence over jerky beats Bristol x Brighton trio BOA explore that age old topic of unrequited love, but with euphoric swoons and escapism. New single Steal It gurgles with relaxed grooves and youthful indulgence, as they seek to capture ‘endless summer days, lost love and being in the moment’ according to vocalist Hugh Reilly-Smith. It’sContinue reading “BOA – Steal It”

Sounding City

A musical map of a city as told by its inhabitants. The Sounding City project, exhibited at Bristol’s Architecture Centre, and run by artist Jennie Savage is a fascinating exploration of what makes a place through a sense that we all have but rarely use in creating meaning. Commissioned by The Architecture Centre as part ofContinue reading “Sounding City”

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Part of the annual cultural calendar for many, the renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition from the Natural History Museum is a glorious lens into a world that we often don’t see. The complexities of our natural world and all who inhabit it become starkly apparent through beautiful shots of extraordinary spectacles and amazinglyContinue reading “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”

Christmas Turkey – the perfect performance?

‘Baby, it’s cold outside.’ Sang Dean Martin. But in the song the winter chill and falling snowflakes were all part of the Christmas magic. That’s not the same for everyone. For many there’s no delight in snow, no opportunity to warm up with mulled wine, no open fire around which to sing, and no familyContinue reading “Christmas Turkey – the perfect performance?”