Chew Lips

Euphoric and uninhibited eighties pop, if ChewLips were a packet of sweets, they’d be Refreshers. Tigs is a buoyant frontwoman, embodying the pulsating rhythms and smooth vibrations of tracks like ‘Solo’ and ‘Salt Air.’ Seductive and stimulating, ChewLips are an effulgent part of what is quickly becoming a saturated genre..Whether shadow boxing, doing the ropeContinue reading “Chew Lips”

Must sees at this year's Escape

Dappled Cities Thursday 22.15 @ Above Audio Friday 13.00 @ Horatios Saturday 15.20 @ Digital Upon hearing the news that this year’s Great Escape would be hosting a throng of Australian artists, I immediately assumed the stars would be The Temper Trap, Wolfmother and Jet. However, perhaps the jewelled cork of the hat is DappledContinue reading “Must sees at this year's Escape”

How was your escape?

We catch up with Fight Like Apes, after their blinding set at The Great Escape in Brighton, and congratulate them on their position in our top five new favourite bands. Describe your sound. We were christened ‘karate rock’ by bloggers a couple of years ago and we’re going to stick to that. We’re abrasive like sandpaperContinue reading “How was your escape?”

Soft Toy Emergency

Why is there the impression that real art has to be sombre, full of sad emotions, unrequited love and yearnings for a lost life. Happy is cliché, and miserable is raw and real. Shoe gazing has been on the return, making miserable inroads into our playlists, but as with all trends there is a bitContinue reading “Soft Toy Emergency”