Spring Offensive – Worry Fill My Heart

The articulate and amazing Spring Offensive have released their latest single (on a Saturday?!) called Worry Fill My Heart. Here’s the video for your delight. Listen carefully to the lyrics…we’ve all felt like this! “ALL I NEED… is just a couple of hundred- It should keep me for a few weeks…… I’m like a childContinue reading “Spring Offensive – Worry Fill My Heart”

Team Me – To The Treetops!

Released March 5th on Propeller Recordings Reviewed by Francesca Baker It’s been a long time coming. Almost a year after their EP and a fair few months since we spent an afternoon together on Brighton Beach shivering under misleading May sunshine discussing cycling down steps the excitable sextet Team Me have released their full length albumContinue reading “Team Me – To The Treetops!”

It's All Happening speak to David's Lyre

There is little known about David’s Lyre, the current project of Paul Dixon, with the myspace, website and facebook sites all taking a minimalist approach. It’s All Happening set out to discover some facts about his at this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Watch the video below to find out everything you need toContinue reading “It's All Happening speak to David's Lyre”

Moddi chats to It's All Happening…

On a sunny day in Brighton at The Great Escape festival, It’s All Happening were lucky enough to chat to Pål Moddi Knutsen, more commonly known as Moddi. Sat at an idyllic location on the beach in front of the pier Moddi discussed growing up in Norway, the process behind his writing and performs twoContinue reading “Moddi chats to It's All Happening…”