Flash! Bang! Crash! A chat with Flash Bang Band

Flash Bang Band are something of a visceral and muscular band, their pop-psych merger and bounding energy flooding and flickering through everything they do. Having amassed quite a fan base in their home town of Brighton they are off on tour this month, taking their boundless energy and bustling rhythms around Europe. The fun andContinue reading “Flash! Bang! Crash! A chat with Flash Bang Band”

TIGERCUB – Little Rope

Rather insistent beats underpin the looping TIGERCUB‘s Little Rope that swerves and swirls in style and its level of demented inspiration. Guitar slides reflect its grit, and bruising rushes of power build and brim before collapsing into viscous and vicious riffs and gravelly discord. LOVE, is not what they want, but when the reaction soundsContinue reading “TIGERCUB – Little Rope”

Southern Sunrise – Brighton

There are songs written about a fantasy lifestyle and songs of experience. This gentle lullaby of a track from Southern Sunrise is a combination of the two, a pure love letter to the city that York native Shonagh Macleod and Dutch songwriter Arjan Pieters currently call home. Lapping like the gentle tide it is a relaxed and lulling song that starts off asContinue reading “Southern Sunrise – Brighton”

Lovepark – How Do I See/Shudder

Released July 2nd Out this week is How Do I See/Shudder, the amazing self release debut AA-single from Love Park. The Brighton based band have worked with Charlie Andrew (Alt-J) and Sean Woodlock to produce a gorgeous stealthy tracks that build up as they beguile, and for songs of a relatively low slow pace are startlingly arresting.Continue reading “Lovepark – How Do I See/Shudder”