Last Heir – Monkey Heart

Brighton trio Last Heir make striking music, as in music that literally rocks up, thrashes you around the head with its dazzling punk spirit and wends its driving rhythms onwards. There seems to be no thought to the songs – which is meant in the best possible way – these are tunes compulsively riding along withContinue reading “Last Heir – Monkey Heart”

Morning Smoke- Hunger/Stephanie I

A dark and riotous double A side from Brighton-based noisy post-punkers Morning Smoke, this duo skids with fever and lack of direction, with smoky tension on the lead guitar cavorting with anguish with the tormented bass riffs. Milo McNulty’s vocals echo with Joy Division and Sonic Youth style emotion, angst ridden and drowning in raw distress, harking back toContinue reading “Morning Smoke- Hunger/Stephanie I”

We Were Promised Jetpacks – I Keep It Composed

Menacing and brooding, as propulsive as ever I keep It Composed is the first track to be taken from We Were Promised Jetpacks‘ forthcoming LP Unravelling. It’s dark than before. Assured and strong, although always quivering with fraught emotion, this is a powerful and reactive track that demonstrates the impassioned perfection and talent of the Scottish band. l

Benjamin Booker & Tigercub @ The Old Blue Last

May 20th 2014 When people say retro, they’re being a bit lazy. With thousands of years behind us, the idea that something is evocavative of the past isn’t in itself particularly revealing. For example, there’s not a lot uniting the two acts on the bill tonight in terms of the actual sonic output, but bothContinue reading “Benjamin Booker & Tigercub @ The Old Blue Last”

Kins – Aimless

Self produced, self titled, self everything, Brighton via Melbourne band Kins debut album was recorded in a basement flat by the sea last year. As you may expect, and will find on first single Aimless, the whole feel is one of drifting and dreaming, trying to find contentment where doubt exists, sunshine through dreary daysContinue reading “Kins – Aimless”