Peter Darling – Limehouse

Peter Darling is a singer songwriter from Kent. So Peter Darling is some bloke strumming his acoustic guitar and singing yearning odes to countryside times gone by, probably with too much facial hair like the rest of them? Ha. They say that every song has already been written, but that doesn’t stop so many artistsContinue reading “Peter Darling – Limehouse”

Soulmates Never Die – Honeymoon On Ice

Released 2nd April, on Cowsnail Records Reviewed by Francesca Baker Folk, if not careful, can have a reputation as the home of campestral musings and floral language. Pretty, but a world away from the lives most of us lead. Soulmates Never Die, the musical alias of Joshua Lewis, takes the story telling balladry and organicContinue reading “Soulmates Never Die – Honeymoon On Ice”