Alan Hollinghurst – The Stranger’s Child

Glory Days – WWII Book Reviews Issue seven of New Zealand’s premier vintage lifestyle publication coincided with the start of the World War I centenary, so, in the spirit of remembrance, they focus on stories related to both World Wars this issue. One of which is a little book review of Alan Hollinghurst’s The Stranger’s Child.  

Books, books, everywhere

Rachel Hazell sees books in everything. Repetition and order are for her stories and narratives, reminders of her favourite art form. Whether that’s the rows of clothes hanging on the rail next to us in the Kensington shop we meet at (‘like these clothes, the colours, the threads, the textures could be lines of runesContinue reading “Books, books, everywhere”

Cafe correspondence

Jammatology – The Society Book Club With a name like The Society Club, I expected something rather fine, a little eccentric, and somewhat individual. Turning off from the hubbub of Carnaby Street, around the corner from Pret and the like, I walk into what seems to be rather fine although higgledy-piggledy sitting room. Books adornContinue reading “Cafe correspondence”

Pop Fiction – Stories Inspired By Songs Various Artists

As we are reminded in the introduction, music and literature are both art, and this book aims to showcase those ‘exhilarating’ moments when the two ‘swirl together and impact on each other.’ We’ve all sat and mused on what the story behind the song may be, and this collection of eighteen short stories puts thoseContinue reading “Pop Fiction – Stories Inspired By Songs Various Artists”

Words words words.

Giles Smith – Lost in Music – A Pop Odyssey 1993, Picador This book is about music. That is, music, ‘a monumentally life-affirming force, proof of the raging heart and the raging pulse.’ Telling tales of his own long term relationship with music, from the first incriminating piece of vinyl, through tours with his bandContinue reading “Words words words.”