Kickstarter – Recipes for Recovery

Recipes for Recovery I’m producing a small recipe book to raise money for BEAT, the UK’s leading charity for support for recovery from eating disorders. Conversations and experiences with therapists, professionals and those suffering and recovering from the illnesses, have taught me that learning to love and connect with food again is a huge stepContinue reading “Kickstarter – Recipes for Recovery”

Alex Niven – 33 1/3 – Definitely Maybe

For so many people, Definitely Maybe was and continues to be a vital, visceral piece of art, the start of something new and exciting. Taking it as not just a collection of eleven songs but a cultural artefact, Alex Niven’s analysis of the album, in the 33 1/3 series, focuses upon the elements of earth, waterContinue reading “Alex Niven – 33 1/3 – Definitely Maybe”

Maggie Gee – Virginia Woolf in Manhattan

What would say were you to meet your hero or heroine? For Maggie Gee, or at least Angela Lamb, the protagonist of Virginia Woolf in Manhattan, one sentence wasn’t enough – she wrote a whole novel. Gee, Lamb and myself all have one thing in common – a love for Virginia Woolf. In fact, IContinue reading “Maggie Gee – Virginia Woolf in Manhattan”

Reading Will Never Die

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the art of the written word, or at least the art of consuming that written word is over. But it seems that some people in some places are determined to ensure that books continue to be explored. Until now only used by shady-looking characters exchanging presents, or the kindContinue reading “Reading Will Never Die”

Sonia Gandhi: An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny – by Rani Singh

Sonia Gandhi’s life story is the stuff of novels. Growing up in an Italian working class village, she met her Rajiv Gandhiwhilst learning English at college in Cambridge, and after a long distance relationship, married into the Gandhi family and its political life. After her mother-in-law Indira’s assassination in 1984 and her husband’s death  in 1991, whenContinue reading “Sonia Gandhi: An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny – by Rani Singh”