We need to use Grandma as inspiration to bring sustainability back into food

Deciding what to eat has never been so complicated. Equally, the potential effect of those decisions has never been so profound. Everyone wants to eat ‘well’ or ‘be good’ but what does this mean? Low-carbon, locally sourced, fair trade, organic: how should we measure the ‘goodness’ of our food? Read more at Blue & Green.

Should I stay or should I go? The environmental tourist’s travel dilemma

True environmental travel is about education, and not about taking selfies with a bottlenose dolphin. We rocked and rolled across the sand dunes of Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Our guide told us how unique the location is, how it is home to fauna andContinue reading “Should I stay or should I go? The environmental tourist’s travel dilemma”

Economy or environment – why choose?

Of the many issues and news stories in the media and our minds, the economy and the environment are two that often warrant the most column inches. This commonality is however what many deem to be the only feature that the two share. Admitting to a focus on the economy has you cut out asContinue reading “Economy or environment – why choose?”