Shy Around Strangers

Shy Around Strangers Shy Around Strangers EP Released August 25th 2012 NYC band Shy Around Strangers create the kind of music that would not have sounded out of place in the dark clubs of the 80s, all romantic grooves, gritty basslines and melodic synths. Singer Emily delivers husky vocals that hover the line between sexyContinue reading “Shy Around Strangers”

Arcadian Kicks – I Wanna Take You Home

Released on 22nd January 2012 on One Beat Records/EMI Reviewed by Francesca Baker We’ve been a fan of Arcadian Kicks for a while, with their angst fuelled power, party perfect melodies and riffs that swell and astound. You may have heard You Play The Girl on the recent Gap campaign (and if you like it, headContinue reading “Arcadian Kicks – I Wanna Take You Home”