Swinging Through The Blitz, Shoreditch

Walking around Shoreditch on Saturday night, you might have thought that you’d stepped back in time. A faint sound of swing music coming from the alleyway, faint glowing lights in a blackout, the gentle rumble of dancing feet and chatting friends – it’s Bourne & Hollingsworth’s Blitz Party. http://imalondoner.com/blitz-party-bloomsbury/

Siren: Blitz Party

V signs and Victory rolls, pride and passion, blackout blinds and banter, and a right good knees up. Whether it’s historically accurate or not, we associate the Blitz as a time of camaraderie and good times, when everyone lived for the now, and had a good time doing so. The brilliant Bourne & Hollingsworth areContinue reading “Siren: Blitz Party”

The 50th Prohibition Party

Gin in tea cups, silent movies, clandestine casinos and dimly lit corners. All complete with vibrant dancing, luxurious dress and a knowing nod. Beats a night out in the pub right? Atmosphere and ambience combine to celebrate the good life in the fabulous Prohibition Party, and the next one is a special celebration, being theContinue reading “The 50th Prohibition Party”