Memories & Vulnerability at Lumb Bank

In the couple of weeks before my ‘Memoir: Shaping narratives’ week at Arvon’s Lumb Bank, I suddenly felt too young to be writing a memoir, which I am. It’s not the end of my life. Memoirs are for old people. Besides, what do I have to say? The other people on the course all hadContinue reading “Memories & Vulnerability at Lumb Bank”

Who is the artist? And does it even matter?

The art vs the artist. Which matters? When it comes to biographies, background stories, and research into identities of artists, do we sometimes go too far? There’s an understandable yearning to gain deeper understanding and elucidation of a piece of art that has been part of your life, but actually does it matter who wroteContinue reading “Who is the artist? And does it even matter?”