Vondelpark by Vondelpark // 2013 best of

Best of 2013 by Jamie Malcolm – follow him @mylittleforts Mightily soothing and did an unreal job caressing my minds malaise at the time. A true case of personal audio catharsis. Really one of those situations when something fits your mood perfectly. Have done my fair share of trawling around for reviews (from both well knownContinue reading “Vondelpark by Vondelpark // 2013 best of”

Jai Paul – Jai Paul // 2013 best of

Best of 2013 by Jamie Malcolm – follow him @mylittleforts The Jai Paul story is a strange one. He’s officially released 2 songs in 7 years, with the first reportedly only down to his brother unleashing it to MySpace in 2007 because it just had to be heard. That song ‘BTSTU’ has since been separatelyContinue reading “Jai Paul – Jai Paul // 2013 best of”

Two Thousand And Eleven – top year

Ah  2011. What a year. It probably won’t go down in musical history like 1977 (Sex Pistols), or 1995 (Britpop), 1963 (The Beatles) or dammit, even 2004 (X Factor), but we’ve still had a bloody good time listening to music, getting all fired up on the thrill of a good melody and a banging riff.Continue reading “Two Thousand And Eleven – top year”