Upset – She’s Gone

Out on the fab Don Giovanni, She’s Gone by Upset is a great piece of girl punk, all rousing and energetic, angsty and charming in equal measures. Ali Koehler has stepped out from behind the drums in previous bands  Vivian Girls and Best Coast to front Upset, creating a bit of supergroup with  Jenn Prince (La Sera) andContinue reading “Upset – She’s Gone”

Best Coast – Fade Away

Fade Away, the new EP or mini album (what’s in a name?) from Best Coast is something of a belter. Out October 22nd on Bethany Cosentino’s new Jewel City label the gritty and cooing vocals, rampant chords and trademark muted drums rollick along as they play tales of bittersweet experience and amorous angst. As always fromContinue reading “Best Coast – Fade Away”

Best Coast – Boyfriend

My visit to the Indie Rock Café: Hello, and welcome to my very first monthly write. Much like alcohol, (no matter how much we love it) it’s best to take it in small doses. Right! I recently logged on to the Indie Rock Café, (as I recommend you do) a fantastic bundle of unknown, known, heardContinue reading “Best Coast – Boyfriend”

Wichita is 10!

Ten years is a long time in the music industry. Ten years is an even longer time to remain successful in the music industry, but that‘s exactly what Wichita Recordings have done. Wichita have become one of the most influential labels around, having a roster of artists including The Cribs, Bloc Party (and now Kele),Continue reading “Wichita is 10!”