Promise & The Monster – Feed The Fire

Walking along dark roads listening to Feed The Fire, the latest album from Promise & The Monster is something of a haunting experience. I feel like the star of a film noir. Billie Lindahl’s voice is sometimes sweet and mysterious, like on Slow & Quiet, at others bold, evocative of Kate Bush – see Hunter,Continue reading “Promise & The Monster – Feed The Fire”

Lanterns On The Lake – Beings

Lanterns On The Lake’s third full length album, Beings sees them sparkling with arresting dexterity and orchestral atmosphere as well as making a comment on society, austerity, and the ‘fractured lives like faultlines’ (Faultlines) that they see around them. There’s no attempt to hide the frustration, anger and hurt in Hazel Wilde’s voice as sheContinue reading “Lanterns On The Lake – Beings”

John Grant – Down Here

John Grant‘s latest album Grey Tickles, Black Pressure has been doing pretty well in the end of year lists, it’s amusing, awkward and infectious music making it something of an instant hit. Today he has unveiled an equally idosyncratic video for new single Down Here. Directed by Lisa Gunning, and set in London suburbia, the video features aContinue reading “John Grant – Down Here”

MONEY live at The Lexington

November 10th 2015 The Lexington is a small venue, a proper pub with a hipster sensibility. MONEY make big songs, expansive and grandiose. So tonight, it seems a fitting place for a warm up show ahead of the release of forthcoming album Suicide Songs and gigs next year at London’s Village Underground, a step back intoContinue reading “MONEY live at The Lexington”

Lanterns On The Lake – Beings

When you hear Hazel Wilde speak in her broad Geordie accent after she’s sung in soaring and sensitive tones you’re reminded of the complexity of human beings, the highs and lows, fragility and grit that plays the harmony of life. Lanterns on The Lake have always made glacial and evocative music that manages to traverseContinue reading “Lanterns On The Lake – Beings”