Youth Club – Colours EP

  Four piece Youth Club, hailing from Essex, are proficient and have their craft down to a tee. Seven tracks and twenty five minutes of smooth synths, easy beats and warped vocals, debut EP Colours is toe tapping and head nodding stuff, but not soul firing. Indie dance by numbers, this is the kind ofContinue reading “Youth Club – Colours EP”

The Standards – A Slight Distraction

Released September 4th on Schnapps House Records Pop needs more bands like this. Not skinny jeaned clad hipsters. Not young upstarts suddenly starry eyed. Not meaningful and morbid ‘thinking’ bands. Straight up exciting songs from a bunch of mates who know how to use their instruments to great effect and ¬†for great sounds. Debut albumContinue reading “The Standards – A Slight Distraction”