Is seeking wellness making us ill?

First published on Alt Magazine At the Battle of Ideas 2015, run by the Institute of Ideas, I went to a talk entitled ‘Mindfulness: empty minds for an empty society?’ I was expecting to hear the usual criticisms as to how mindfulness is just a way of justifying not thinking, an over marketed money making scam,Continue reading “Is seeking wellness making us ill?”

Battle of Ideas 2015

If you believe what you hear, we’re all narrow minded, unthinking and mindless robots moaning along in life with not a thought for anything around or in front of us. As is their wont, the Institute of Ideas is working to challenge this. Their remit is to provide space for thoughts, ideas, debates and discussionsContinue reading “Battle of Ideas 2015”

What should I read? And who should tell me?

At this year’s Battle of Ideas the opening debate concerning literature was entitled To Read or Not To Read – The Canon and the 21st Century. Basically, is there a need for a literary canon in the 21st century? And if there is, should it be full of dead white European men, as Tim Black,Continue reading “What should I read? And who should tell me?”