Banquet – A Musical Feast

Ah, real record shops. Lingering over a purchase. Discovery and rediscovery. Physical objects that linger with the lust of the abstract. We chat to Molly from Banquet, in Kingston, a multitalented bunch who as well as running the record store sourcing new and alternative music, as well as promoters of weekly club night New Slang,Continue reading “Banquet – A Musical Feast”

The Maccabees @ McCluskys, 26 February 2009

New Slang by Banquet Records Francesca Baker ‘You stood out like a sore thumb; the most beautiful sore thumb I’d ever seen’ is genuinely one of the most beautiful and romantic lines to ever grace the song world. Slightly awkward and ungangly but sending shockwaves of wow to strike my heart every time I hearContinue reading “The Maccabees @ McCluskys, 26 February 2009”