Pertini – Blackfriars Bridge

A shifting and stuttering image, a cloud of dreamy sonics and a sharp and steely electronic beat all combine on Blackfriars , the debut single from Pertini. Sandro Schiena lost his previous musical partner to the priesthood, but on this new venture Kevin Barthelemy joins on drums and samples to elevate catchy melodies and dense chords to somethingContinue reading “Pertini – Blackfriars Bridge”

HINDS – Chili Town

Take a group of girls, throw them into the sunshine with a bunch of guitars and watch the serotonin fuelled riffs roll. Madrid quartet HINDS have released new tune Chili Town, which has all the sass, bounce and fortune you can expect from the breakthrough band. It’s a song about winning, and winning with aContinue reading “HINDS – Chili Town”

Late Night Friends – We Are Ok

Late Night Friends are Barrett Shuler (Vocals, Guitar), Jonathan Baron (Vocals, Guitar), Alex Gallner (Bass, Vocals) and Keith Roenke (Drums, Vocals), have releaseddebut LP What I Think I’m Not on July 21st 2015 on Limited Fanfare Records. Listening through it was a surprise to find out that the band are from L.A. given the distinct lack of sunshineyContinue reading “Late Night Friends – We Are Ok”

Ball Park Music – Puddinghead

Ball Park Music have made waves amongst their native Australian press and public with their frantic and twitchy indie pop, bubbling up in the unexpectedly thriving music scene that hides in the humid and somewhat monochrome city of Brisbane with their vibrant and scampering tunes. Their new album Puddinghead is the third in three years, and isContinue reading “Ball Park Music – Puddinghead”