Childcare – Film Club

Because when an email arrives in your inbox about a band ‘channelling post-punk, slacker rock, G-funk and bhangra’ and evocative of names such as Missy Elliot, Police and Graham Coxon, you have to give the tune in question a listen, if only to find out just how such an inventive and eclectic mix of genresContinue reading “Childcare – Film Club”

whenyoung – Actor

‘Actor is about contorting your character to fit into a disfigured view of the perfect self in order to belong. It’s about acting every day and projecting artificial images of yourself through social media and in real life interactions with others. This helps to reassure you that you are important, relevant, interesting and necessary but behindContinue reading “whenyoung – Actor”

NIAGARA – Escher Surfer

On Escher Surfer NIAGARA demonstrate a clear understanding of what makes pop tune and a half – electronic glitches, brooding psychedelic funk and a rousing chorus. Pulsing basslines ebb and flow underneath textured synths before building into a rave epic. The first single to taken from the Italian duo’s new album Hyperocean, to be released MayContinue reading “NIAGARA – Escher Surfer”


New London four piece ISLES have recently shared their latest single Bury Me, a piece of dreamy fuggy indie pop that glistens solemnly. Amber’s melancholy vocals float over Luke, Miles and Oliver’s upbeat guitars and delicate rhythms in a sound evocative of Orange Juice or The Pastels. Arty to the core the 75% northern bandContinue reading “ISLES – Bury ME”

Coves – You’re Evil

Opening in an explosion of euphoric dark disco, Coves new single You’re Evil bristles with rocking glitchiness and crisp dirty guitars, soaring and stomping through its three minutes with tempestuous brilliance. Beck Wood and  John Ridgard wrote the new album having left Leamington Spa for London and whilst on the road with the likes of StContinue reading “Coves – You’re Evil”