Holocene – Flaws In Us All

With such an electic taste in music and electric fashion in which they perform, Holocene certainly have the potential to run with the boost that the B-town scene’s stratospheric rise will no doubt provide, but take it in their own direction.  Less surf shoe gaze, more straight forward indie rock, the new band have garneredContinue reading “Holocene – Flaws In Us All”

Friday Club – Tropical/All I Wanna Do

Not for this band a pretence, schmoozing words they don’t mean with a sentiment that they don’t have. Friday Club are all about bold and brash statements, one they deliver with style and fervour on new single Tropical. The repeated refrain of ‘you’re not tropical’ is potent enough to have you entrapped, and is instantlyContinue reading “Friday Club – Tropical/All I Wanna Do”

Three for Free

January 14th 2013 Weatherbird – Liar B town bands abound, and Weatherbird are the latest on the scene. Their abrasive, rugged new tune Liar is angst fuelled an fast – and free. I Swim With Sharks – Thunder Mixing an array of sonic influences and styles, I Swim With Sharks are one of the mostContinue reading “Three for Free”