Body Type – Palms

Sydney based Body Type make scuzzy punk packaged in palatable pop. Palms is a vibrant and bouncy tune that fizzes along with energy, packing in a lot in its three and a half minutes. The band have made it their mission to get more space for females in the music scene. Their debut EP BodyContinue reading “Body Type – Palms”

Secret Shores by Ella Carey

Secret Shores is a glorious book. Ella Carey takes us on a journey through the eighties publishing world in New York, the Australian post war modernist movement, romantic Rome and the inner world of her characters through intelligent and enthralling prose. Our protagonist, Tess Miller finds her editing career floundering when she’s given a newContinue reading “Secret Shores by Ella Carey”

Ball Park Music – Puddinghead

Ball Park Music have made waves amongst their native Australian press and public with their frantic and twitchy indie pop, bubbling up in the unexpectedly thriving music scene that hides in the humid and somewhat monochrome city of Brisbane with their vibrant and scampering tunes. Their new album Puddinghead is the third in three years, and isContinue reading “Ball Park Music – Puddinghead”

The Sunday Reeds – Jean Luc

Jean Luc is a superb piece of rock’n’roll pop noir from Melbourne’s The Sunday Reeds. Taken from their EP Amour Tragique, out on August 1st on Heartgun Records, it tells of the tumultuous relationship between Jean-Luc Godard and actress Anna Karina. Their complex relationship has mirrors in a particularly bitter relationship break up in Paris,Continue reading “The Sunday Reeds – Jean Luc”