Red Kite – Dance With Crow

As a fan of music and literature, and anything that unites the two, Red Kite‘s Dance With Crow was always going to pique my interest. The fact that is an exhilarating and thrilling tune, full of deep rushing guitars and vibrant menacing melodies only sustains the thrill. The album, written and produced over a dramaticContinue reading “Red Kite – Dance With Crow”

Who is the artist? And does it even matter?

The art vs the artist. Which matters? When it comes to biographies, background stories, and research into identities of artists, do we sometimes go too far? There’s an understandable yearning to gain deeper understanding and elucidation of a piece of art that has been part of your life, but actually does it matter who wroteContinue reading “Who is the artist? And does it even matter?”

Best Coast – Fade Away

Fade Away, the new EP or mini album (what’s in a name?) from Best Coast is something of a belter. Out October 22nd on Bethany Cosentino’s new Jewel City label the gritty and cooing vocals, rampant chords and trademark muted drums rollick along as they play tales of bittersweet experience and amorous angst. As always fromContinue reading “Best Coast – Fade Away”

Shopping – In Other Words

Bouncy guitar sketches, snake-hipped sonics, grooving rhymes and poly rhythmic twitching guitars. Shopping are what you call a supergroup and make something of super sounds. In Other Words bounces with nineties grooves, punky passion and a sound not dissimilar to The Young Knives and all who went before them, and the 7” single sold out inContinue reading “Shopping – In Other Words”

Sky Larkin: wave after wave of brilliance

Given that they are about to kick of their UK tour to support new album Motto, the one subject to rave reviews, 8/10 ratings and general buzz, Katie Harkin, founder, writer, singer and guitarist of Sky Larkin would be forgiven for feeling nervous or frantic, buzzing about the attention she is receiving and anxious asContinue reading “Sky Larkin: wave after wave of brilliance”