Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus // 2013 best of

Best of 2013 by Jamie Malcolm – follow him @mylittleforts Eagerly anticipated and didn’t disappoint. A throbbing behemoth of noise and euphoria all sloshed around making a cocktail with a multitude of explorable layers. The elation harnessed into a CD/MP3 is at times unfathomable. 

Grizzly Bear live at Sydney Opera House

January 5th 2014 After a 115-date touring cycle for acclaimed 2012 album Shields Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear could be forgiven for being a bit tired and laid back. But it’s Sydney’s Opera House, it’s the final date, and as a subsequent interview with The Guardian suggests, they have no idea when they will be back,Continue reading “Grizzly Bear live at Sydney Opera House”

Euan Lynn​/​Belafonte​/​XGETXREALX

Six songs, three bands, the latest six track EP from Euan Lynn​/​Belafonte​/​XGETXREALX is both a reflection of the collaborative DIY scene that exists and a condemnation of the sky high costs around production of physical music that they must share it all. Thankfully it is an easy way to introduce three great bands. Frantic, speedy,Continue reading “Euan Lynn​/​Belafonte​/​XGETXREALX”

The Khmer Revival of Rock ’n’ Roll: Indie Music in Cambodia

The sounds of drums and rock guitar pierce the air, young voices roar above their buzzing audience: no, this is not a gig in London or New York. It is the sound of Cambodia’s rock revival. As Francesca Baker attests, Khmer music is undergoing a rebirth and emerging as more energetic and determined than everContinue reading “The Khmer Revival of Rock ’n’ Roll: Indie Music in Cambodia”

Sonic Cathedral

Much of the music I listen to would not reach me without the support of independent groups, individuals and organisations In the music business. I am always curious as to how these people tarted out in the music industry, or often found themselves in the said place. One of my favourite independent labels is SonicContinue reading “Sonic Cathedral”