Art Brut and Tony Slattery join forces

Art rock heroes Art Brut are back with a new video for their latest single Your Enemies Are My Enemies Too. It’s a riotous piece of tongue in cheek pop rock, in the band’s inimitable style. The video sees Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos and comedy legend Tony Slattery as an estranged pair of retired comic book foes whoContinue reading “Art Brut and Tony Slattery join forces”

Two Thousand And Eleven – top year

Ah  2011. What a year. It probably won’t go down in musical history like 1977 (Sex Pistols), or 1995 (Britpop), 1963 (The Beatles) or dammit, even 2004 (X Factor), but we’ve still had a bloody good time listening to music, getting all fired up on the thrill of a good melody and a banging riff.Continue reading “Two Thousand And Eleven – top year”

Complicated Kissing

Music, love, and Art Brut’s take on it all. Art Brut’s lyrics may not be poetry in the Byronesque sense of the word, yet for pure understanding and perceptiveness of the actions and thoughts intrinsic to being a human being, few songs are more resonant than those of Art Brut. Eddie Argos acknowledges his voiceContinue reading “Complicated Kissing”