Magical graffiti from Xenz

I’ve never been convinced by the claim that grafitti is an artform, until I discovered Xenz. Marrying fine art and urban art forms, his new solo show Cloud Cuckoo Land  is a beautiful and inspiring collection of fantastical imagery. The dissipating spray can reflects fragments of memory and the childhood dreams Xenz cites as one influence,Continue reading “Magical graffiti from Xenz”

Is Music Art?

There’s no denying that music, painting, dance, theatre, sculpture et al are all part of the same family, but music seems to be the black sheep, the bastard relation. By music I think I mean ‘popular’ rock, indie, R&B etc. Most people would state that Mozart’s finest works are art, but claiming that Lady GagaContinue reading “Is Music Art?”

Spring Offensive – A Stutter & Start

April 11th 2011   Francesca Baker Whilst it may indeed be all about the art, some recognition is nice. Who hasn’t secretly envied the popular kid at school? Spring Offensive then, shot themselves right in the jacksy with their prevous single ‘Dreams About Monsters (Part 1)’, a 14 minute ‘concept’ song inspired by Dr ElisabethContinue reading “Spring Offensive – A Stutter & Start”