Sounding City

A musical map of a city as told by its inhabitants. The Sounding City project, exhibited at Bristol’s Architecture Centre, and run by artist Jennie Savage is a fascinating exploration of what makes a place through a sense that we all have but rarely use in creating meaning. Commissioned by The Architecture Centre as part ofContinue reading “Sounding City”

Looking up for the spirit of Spitalfields

If you’re anything like me, or indeed 97% of London’s population, you spend the majority of your time whilst wandering the streets either looking at your phone, watching your feet to make sure you don’t trip over any remains of last night’s chicken wings or discarded copies of the Evening Standard, or staring daggers intoContinue reading “Looking up for the spirit of Spitalfields”

Architecture, Art Deco and Earthquakes in Napier

Napier in New Zealand is a city shaped by its geology. Lying on one of the world’s most active tectonic fault lines, the north island city was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1931, leaving mid-century town planners wondering how to rebuild their city. The art deco marvel they created still stands today, one ofContinue reading “Architecture, Art Deco and Earthquakes in Napier”