Five Outdoor Dates in Kent

As the Garden of England, when you’re in Kent it’s only right to get outside and play. If you’re about to plan a date with someone new, eschew the usual dinner and wine, and check out some of these ideas. Visit the loveliest castle in the world That’s what Lord Conway famously called Leeds Castle.Continue reading “Five Outdoor Dates in Kent”

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Part of the annual cultural calendar for many, the renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition from the Natural History Museum is a glorious lens into a world that we often don’t see. The complexities of our natural world and all who inhabit it become starkly apparent through beautiful shots of extraordinary spectacles and amazinglyContinue reading “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”

Emma Jane Unsworth – Animals

Life isn’t easy. Even when it doesn’t appear to be that hard. Life is what Animals, the new novel from Emma Jane Unsworth deals with, with clarity, and comically. That hazy space between teen years and adulthood, settling for and settling down, entertainment and recklessness, freedom and responsibility, and all the trappings and traumas involvedContinue reading “Emma Jane Unsworth – Animals”