Jack Edwards – Falling In Love

A song about forgetting and about falling, delivery from darkness and landing in light, Falling In Love, performed by Jack Edwards Band and written by Pete Darling is a hauntingly beautiful song, structured around three simple chords, exploring the cycles and movements and love and losses and the disarmingly transient nature of the two. The video,Continue reading “Jack Edwards – Falling In Love”

The Manic Shine – Blindsider

Released 26th March 2012 on The Animal Farm Reviewed by Steve Boniface Rock band The Manic Shine claim to have discovered an illness called ‘Sickotrashmusicitis’. Described as the ‘chronic feeling of lethargy and nausea when listening to music on mainstream radio’, it seems to have only one cure. No prizes for guessing what that mightContinue reading “The Manic Shine – Blindsider”