Amber Arcades, The Dome

The Dome, Tufnell Park,  Wed 10th October The Dome is empty on this Wednesday night, but there’s a couple of hours to go before Amber Arcades grace the stage.  Thankfully opener The Underwater Boys are on stage and ready, their singer having been struggling to get him and his bike through the queue until me and my friendsContinue reading “Amber Arcades, The Dome”

Amber Arcades – Oslo Hackney

January 18th 2017 I know you shouldn’t judge a band by appearances, but when that appearance is like every bad seventies cliché, and involves a porn star moustache, gyrating hips and outrageous hair, it’s pretty hard to focus on the music. Which is a shame, because opener Swimming Pools don’t make bad music. They justContinue reading “Amber Arcades – Oslo Hackney”