Orlando Seale & The Swell

Once upon a time there was a (very talented) man with a guitar. He played folk style music, engaging crowds with his melodies and musings. Then one day he played with the The Southbank Sinfonia resident orchestra, and 8 members later, a musical beast was formed, all thrashy drums, whirling wind, bubbling brushes and everything inContinue reading “Orlando Seale & The Swell”

Et Tu Bruce – Suburban Sunshine

Released 16th July 2012 on Worldwide Records. As soon as you read the words ‘from Hanwell’ you know that a band are never going to be the most radical, and certainly won’t be vying the best for rock’n’roll excess infamy. Having lived there, I can confirm that life experiences in the West London suburb areContinue reading “Et Tu Bruce – Suburban Sunshine”

It's Amazing!

Given the chance to hang out an Amazing Towers, have a cuppa with Chris Martin and wax lyrical about some new music, It’s All Happening were there. It’s Amazing, the round table show, invited Francesca from It’s All Happening and Lucy from DIY Radio and Roundhouse Radio, with the task of selecting the best of theContinue reading “It's Amazing!”