Lanterns On The Lake – Beings

When you hear Hazel Wilde speak in her broad Geordie accent after she’s sung in soaring and sensitive tones you’re reminded of the complexity of human beings, the highs and lows, fragility and grit that plays the harmony of life. Lanterns on The Lake have always made glacial and evocative music that manages to traverseContinue reading “Lanterns On The Lake – Beings”

Night Beds – Ivywild

There’s one thing guaranteed to find success in 2015, and that’s a 23 year old singer songwriter lamented his troubled life of love and loss. Vulnerable and expansive, Winston Yellen’s Night Beds is the sound of a journey and the documentation of the emotions that contort with it. There’s nothing revolutionary to a man with aContinue reading “Night Beds – Ivywild”

Trust Fund – No One’s Coming For Us

Debut album No One’s Coming For Us by Trust Fund, the brainchild and output of Bristol’s Ellis Jones, is filled with a sparklingly melancholy and elements of pained introspection. There’s singalong choruses and shoegazey fuzz on Cut Me Out, upbeat rhythms on Sadness, as well as optimistic high pitched indie pop songcraft, a la Essay To Write.Continue reading “Trust Fund – No One’s Coming For Us”

The Adult Teeth Recording Company Recording Sampler As the sun streams through my window it seems crazy to be discussing the end of the year and any best of compilations. But let’s not see this as an end, but rather a celebration of awesome tunes over the last two years – even if they do all come from that most unlikelyContinue reading “The Adult Teeth Recording Company Recording Sampler”

Cloud Nothings – Now Hear In

“I was feeling pretty good about everything so I just made stuff that made me happy.” That’s what songwriter Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings has to say about their new album Hear And Nowhere Else (out now on Wichita), and more music should come from such a happy place. Not that it’s all grins and rainbowsContinue reading “Cloud Nothings – Now Hear In”