Et Tu Bruce – Suburban Sunshine

Released 16th July 2012 on Worldwide Records. As soon as you read the words ‘from Hanwell’ you know that a band are never going to be the most radical, and certainly won’t be vying the best for rock’n’roll excess infamy. Having lived there, I can confirm that life experiences in the West London suburb areContinue reading “Et Tu Bruce – Suburban Sunshine”

The Guillemots @ Hard Rock Cafe, 19 May 2011

Becky Glass It’s hard to charm a selfconscious crowd, let alone one the size of a modest birthday party. But the Guillemots cast a spell every time they appear live, and their performance for the Hard Rock Café’s 40th anniversary was no different. This was no exceptional venue – it was a little too staged andContinue reading “The Guillemots @ Hard Rock Cafe, 19 May 2011”