Creating A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Clapham

Theatre is a living and breathing medium, language a lively form, and Shakespeare a playwright for all times. Yet too often it can be stifling, rigid, and uniform as it follows rules and plays at being ‘proper.’ But when it comes to seeing an art form you know well, it’s not enough just to haveContinue reading “Creating A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Clapham”

Gender Reversed A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Review

A stage coated in dead leaves, a bright faced woman proffering coats to the audience, and a silence. This is the Forest of Eden, where strange and magical things can happen. Spirits frolic in the woods, love potions turn people mad and a donkey’s ears start growing from a man’s head. And it’s not theContinue reading “Gender Reversed A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Review”

Shakespeare – in reverse: Challenging gender stereotypes

It’s difficult to describe the concept of The Reversed Shakespeare Company’s new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that doesn’t sound like a Blur song. A play about the relationship between a boy and a girl, written by a boy, played by a company of boys originally, but now with a more gender balanced castContinue reading “Shakespeare – in reverse: Challenging gender stereotypes”

Shakespeare Shorts

Shakespeare is so well known that it takes guts and effort to reinterpret in new ways that allow the brilliance to shine through for audiences in an accessible way, and Action To The Word manage this dynamically and dazzle with it in their production of Shakespeare Shorts, now on at independent venue Camden People’s Theatre. DirectedContinue reading “Shakespeare Shorts”