Towns – Gone Are The Days

Released on 20th February 2012 on Cartoon Records Reviewed by Francesca Baker A band called Towns. From Western Super Mare. Surely this will be as grim as an STD? Na ah. Looping like decaying rollercoasters on their last journey, Gone Are The Days fuzzes and fizzes, the smooth vocals lapping up the vibrating bass andContinue reading “Towns – Gone Are The Days”

It was acceptable in the 90s?

Are you ready to party like it’s 1999? Or 1995 for that matter?  How about 1992? Any will do, as it seems that that the nineties are the decade da jour, if that’s not too much of an anachronism.  Of course plundering the archives of the past for inspiration is hardly a novel idea butContinue reading “It was acceptable in the 90s?”